Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ Leaks Together With Benchmarks

A new unannounced Samsung tablet leaked today after it was registered with the Bluetooth certification body. And it's the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+.

This is the first time that this tablet has leaked through any official registrars, but after digging a little, I can see that it's been undergoing testing since May this year, so it's been in the works for a short while.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ model numbers that are officially tied to this new Samsung tablet are SM-X210, SM-X216, and SM-X218.

The closest related tablet based on the model number is the SM-X200 series, which is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8, a popular 10.5-inch Full HD Android tablet with quad speakers that's been starting to show its age lately.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+
Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ benchmarks

In terms of model name, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ is of course closest to the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9. But we already know that the Tab A9 is a tablet in the 8.7-inch range. So it makes sense that the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ is a larger tablet than that, possibly still in the 10.5-inch range.

We can also see that the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ has been benchmarked once in Geekbench 6, where it clocked in a benchmark score of 903 in single-core and 1840 in multi-core while running Android 13. So that's twice the power in single-core over the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.

The hardware it was benchmarked with was an 1.8 GHz octa-core processor that matches the Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 processor together with 4GB of RAM. This is a 5G chipset, so this specific model number should be a 5G tablet, though the other model numbers reveal that there will be a Wi-Fi only model of Samsung's Tab A9+ too.

This is the same 5G chipset can be found in the OnePlus Nord N30 smartphone.

It's hard to say exactly when the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ will launch, but it still hasn't been FCC approved, so we won't be able to buy it just yet.

Considering that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE tablets are estimated to launch around the later part of September, it may be that the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 and Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ tablets will be launched alongside them then.

– Tom Bowen