Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Is Samsung’s New 8-Inch Tablet In 2023

Well that didn't take long. The unknown Samsung tablet we broke the news of yesterday with the model number Samsung SM-X115 has just had a second batch of specs revealed, now carrying the name Samsung Galaxy Tab A9.

And sure enough, this is a new 8-inch Samsung tablet launching in 2023.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 (SM-X115) was listed as approved by the FCC today, so this tablet is eligible for launch whenever it suits Samsung now.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A9
Samsung Galaxy Tab A9

It should the tablet that replaces the 8.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, a tablet that was launched 2 years ago, during the summer 2021 for $159.

It has gone through several OS updates since then, and is currently running Android 13.

While we could not get a confirmation of the main specs yet, here are the specs that could be confirmed.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 SM-X115 model is a 4G LTE model, even though I assume there's a SM-X110 Wi-Fi model coming too.

It has the exact same 5100 mAh battery that's in the current A7 Lite, it was approved with the 15W Samsung EP-T1510 USB-C charger, and still has a 3.5mm audio jack.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 specs
Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 specs

Other hardware that could be confirmed were GPS, BDS, Gallileo, and Glonass navigation sensors.

The size and dimensions could also be confirmed as being 210.7mm x 124.7mm. And since the length and width of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is 212.5mm x 124.7mm, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 is almost identical in size, just 1.8mm shorter.

The A7 Lite has some bezels and unused space to cut into, so that's good news. It means that the screen size should still be around 8.7 inches, and that it's just the tablet itself that's a little more portable, even though it already was easy to carry.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 - SM-X115
Samsung Galaxy Tab A9

– Tom Bowen