Samsung Galaxy Tab A Plus 9.7 With S Pen Files With FCC

The brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab A Plus 9.7 with S Pen has filed with FCC we've found out, even if that doesn't indicate an immediate launch in the US.

The new line of Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablets with their 4:3 aspect ratio were unveiled in Russia on March 17, with Samsung in the Netherlands announcing the day after that they would also launch the additional line of S Pen versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

The specs for all of these tablets were leaked in January already, when the S Pen tablets were said to be called Samsung Galaxy Tab A Plus 9.7 and 8.0 depending on their size.

The one we found at FCC is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A Plus 9.7 model named SM-P550. FCC papers confirms the 9.7-inch screen, and as we can see from the drawing, the S Pen digitizer from Samsung have been fitted into the top of the tablet, as marked by the slot on the top left side.

I also noticed that these tablets are said to be made in the UK for a change, and not Vietnam as is usually the case with Samsung's tablets.

Samsung says that the their new line of Galaxy Tab A Android tablets with HD resolution will launch in Europe in April and May depending on the country.

– Jim Miller