Realme Pad Mini Tablet Leaked With Benchmarks

Realme launched its first tablet, aptly named Realme Pad in September last year. And similar to Nokia, the company has been spotted with its second tablet in the latest tablet leak.

Up until now, Realme had only said it was likely to launch more tablet computers, but without going into detail about the possible size and specs.

But the first set of leaks now gives us a good indication of what to expect anyway.

Realme Pad Mini

Realme Pad Mini

Starting in Thailand, a Realme tablet with the model number RMP2105 and the model name Realme Pad Mini, was registered on MoCheck where it was classified as a 4G LTE tablet.

Then, Gsmarena added that the Realme Pad Mini tablet has been benchmarked in Geekbench 5, where it achieved a single-core score of 363, and multi-core score of 1330, owing to an octa core Unisoc processor, 3GB RAM, and Android 11 upon the time of the testing.

Other specs discovered were a 5MP front camera, and 8MP rear camera.

So with those specs and a name like Realme Pad Mini, this should definitely be an Android tablet in the 8-inch range.

Realme has a presence in the US, but so far they have not brought their first tablet to the US, and they are unlikely to do so until they have grown even more in size.

– Jim Miller

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