New Apple iPad To Launch In March Already?

In a report this week from Digitimes on new companies winning contracts with Apple in the supply chain for iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, it says that new models either of these products may be unveiled or launched in March already.

That's unexpected news, and a little out of the timeline that have been expected on new iPads in 2018 at least.

Up until now it had been believed that the upcoming new 2018 iPad 9.7 that may be launched for as little as $259, would not be launched before Q2 2018. That date may still hold though if the new 9.7 iPad isn't unveiled before late March. But we'll have to wait and see if any other info leaks out first, which it normally will. It may also be that one of the other Apple products are launched before the iPad in March.

After the new 9.7 iPad, a new 2018 Apple iPad Pro 10.5 is believed to hit the market in 2018 as well. Additional iPad reports further out have circulated around a Foldable Or Dual-Screen iPhone for 2019-2020 and previously around a new iPad mini as well, But there haven't been any updates on a possible new iPad mini in months, so that looks like something Apple has put off for the moment or indefinitely.

The current iPad 9.7 was launched for a record low price of $329 for a 9.7-inch iPad, but can usually be picked up for even less than that.

– Tom Bowen