2018 Apple iPad Pro 10.5 To Get Features From iPhone X

Two reports on the 2018 iPads came out this week, with one saying that Apple will intensify its price strategy next year, and the other report focusing more on features.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on a new 10.5 iPad Pro that will get some iPhone X features like facial recognition and slimmer bezels, but no AMOLED display for this iPad yet, at least according to Bloomberg's sources.

The new 10.5 iPad Pro 2 is believed to include a TrueDepth Camera with Face ID support, which then means that the home button with the fingerprint reader could disappear, with the benefit of making more room for the display on the same frame size, much like Microsoft accomplished with the Surface Pro once.

A new Apple pencil and further developed apps with new pen features is also believed to be in development for the new iPad Pro series. And it's also believed that the new iPad Pro's from 2018 of will be launched with the new 7nm A11X chipset.

Apple is estimated to sell 43.8 million iPads by the end of 2017, partially thanks to the new low entry price of $329 for the iPad 9.7 this year. The new iPad Pro will probably not be launched before next summer though.

– Tom Bowen