Microsoft Surface Go 4 Tablet FCC Approved – Gets 256GB Storage

The first new Microsoft Surface computer for the upcoming new 2023-2024 lineup was FCC approved this week, which means that the first new Surface computer is bagged for the September 21 event.

The FCC approval only leaked that a new Microsoft computer with model numbers 2066 and 2067 were approved with the Intel “Harrison Peak” Wi-Fi 6 module. Which is a common Wi-Fi choice on Windows tablets.

So the FCC approval didn't really say much, and to their credit, Microsoft is generally quite good at preventing leaks too.

Microsoft Surface Go 4 tablet FCC approved with model numbers 2066 and 2067
Microsoft Surface Go 4 tablet FCC approved with model numbers 2066 and 2067

Fortunately I can confirm that the two Surface models 2066 and 2067 are in fact the new Surface Go 4.

I can also confirm that the FHD screen is still 10.5 inches wide, and that Microsoft is adding more storage to the Surface Go 4, so that the 8GB RAM model can be bought with 256GB storage.

Reliable leaks from Windows Central have already said that the Surface Go 4 will feature the new Intel N200 processor. So we are beginning to get a good picture of what the specs of the new Windows tablet will be like.

It looks like Microsoft has a 2-year cycle on the Surface Go tablets, since it will be exactly two years since the Surface Go 3 launched next month too.

So with the upcoming launch, the Surface Go 3 has been on sale for a month now.

The original launch price started at $399, but then most people will also want a keyboard, which adds somewhere between $75 to $130 if you want the offical Type Cover keyboard. Though cheaper third party options also exists for around $35. The Surface pen costs around $60 these days.

– Jim Miller