Microsoft’s September 21 Event – What Surface Tablets And Computers Are Expected

Microsoft has usually held an October event every year where they've launched new hardware. But this week they sent out invitations for a press show on September 21st in New York, where the latest 2023-2024 models of Surface devices, software, and AI services are expected to be announced.

On the tablet side of things, two upgraded Surface tablets are expected. These are the 10.5-inch Surface Go 4 with an Intel N200 processor, and a new 13-inch Surface Pro 10.

Previous leaks have also indicated that Microsoft has been working on a 11-inch Surface Pro 10 for a while. But there's been no updated on those leaks since the first leak. So we'll have to wait and see.

Other Surface computers expected are a Surface Laptop Studio 2 and a Surface Laptop Go 3.

What looks like a Surface Laptop Studio 2 was benchmarked in February with an Intel Core i7-13800H processor and 64GB DDR5 RAM.

The current model is a 14.4-inch laptop with a forward leaning touchscreen that can be swiveled into ‘studio' mode, with a capacity maxing out at i7-11370H, 32GB LPDDR4xRAM, and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 GPU.

So an upgrade to the 13th gen Intel Core processor with an even more powerful Nvidia GPU will keep it relevant for people who do power intensive work with graphics.

But it's not the only new Surface computer that seems to have been benchmarked ahead of the Microsoft event next month.

I've seen both a Microsoft device benchmarked with an Intel Core i5-1350P processor, as well as an Intel Core i7-13700H processor, both with 16GB RAM.

It's hard to tell what processor belongs to what Surface computer though, so this is all we know so far.

Microsoft joked in a couple of tweets last month that it was going to increase the size of the Surface Studio 2 for every 50 likes, but we've heard nothing about a new Surface Studio, and it seems they were only talking about increasing the size of the Surface Studio in the image used in the tweets.

– Jim Miller