2023 Microsoft Surface Go 4 Said To Postpone Qualcomm Option – But Intel N200 CPU Is Coming

Back in April, it was reported that Microsoft would launch two variants of the Surface Go 4 this fall, but according to new information from Windows Central today, that no longer seems to be the case.

Originally it was believed that a first Windows on ARM Qualcomm 7c processor option for the Surface Go would be launched alongside an Intel processor version, but now the Qualcomm option is said to be postponed.

Among Windows tablets, any Qualcomm powered models only make up a few percent of the sales anyway, so this isn't going to matter much to most people.

The present Surface Go model

Nevertheless, the upgraded 2023 model Surface Go is said to be powered by the new Intel N200 processor, and be screwed together in a similar way to the Surface Pro 9 so that it adheres to the new reparability standard that Microsoft has started to build into their computers.

The current Surface Go 3 has been on the market since September 2021, and was launched from $399 and up.

A few weeks ago the tablet started going on sale though, so it could be that Microsoft is gradually starting to clear out inventory.

– Tom Bowen