Microsoft Increase Production Of Surface Pro 4 With 65% Due To High Demand

Now is probably a good time to buy shares in Microsoft after Microsoft has had to increase production of the new Surface Pro 4 with over 65% to meet the exceedingly high demand for this top-end Windows 10 2-in-1 tablet.

Digitimes news in Taiwan quotes supply chain sources who says that Microsoft has increased orders of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 from 300 000 units to 500 000 units recently to be able to cover the demand for Surface Pro 4 for the rest of the year. The Surface Pro 4 is manufactured by Pegatron, who have been integral in the refinement of the all the new parts used in the Surface Pro 4.

We might hear similar stories about the Surface Book soon to, since the other top-end model sold out very quickly, and already has a 4-5 week delivery time, even now a week before the release on October 26.

Microsoft themselves announced today that the new Surface Pro 4 has become the fastest adopted Surface in businesses ever, with 5000 business resellers in 30 markets around the world catering to the needs of their local clients with the new Surface tablets, and that includes the “Surface Enterprise Initiative” where otherwise competing brands will be selling Surface tablets too.

This service will expand further in Q1 2016 too with something called “Microsoft Complete for Enterprise” which will increase the speed, ease, and security by which new Surface tablets are adopted in businesses.

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– Jim Miller