Lenovo Will NOT Pull The Plug On 8″ Windows 8 Tablets In US

Due to the misleading claims by PCworld yesterday that Lenovo would pull the plug on 8-inch Windows 8 tablets in the US, Lenovo had to issue a statement that clarified the incorrect claims made by PCworld.

(UPDATED: A Lenovo Miix 3-830 was spotted in a certification list in early August as well.)

Essentially, Lenovo have only stopped selling the Lenovo ThinkPad 8, and have momentarily sold out of Lenovo Miix 2‘s, but Lenovo will not quit the 8-inch Windows 8 segment in the US.

On the contrary, Lenovo followed up by stating that: “We will continue to bring new Windows devices to market across different screen sizes, including a new 8-inch tablet and 10-inch tablet coming this holiday.”

So, I'll take that as an indication of a new 8-inch Lenovo Miix 3 being in the works then, and something we can expect to see this fall.

Facts are great!

8-inch Lenovo Miix will be back for the holidays
8-inch Lenovo Miix will be back for the holidays

– Tom Bowen