Kioxia Launches World’s First 2TB MicroSD Card

Japanese company Kioxia has started mass production of the world's first 2 terabyte (TB) microSD card. The new card, called the Exceria Plus G2, will allow smartphone users to store massive amounts of data.


Kioxia used advanced 3D flash memory technology to build the card. By stacking 16 layers of dense 1TB memory dies, they squeezed 2TB of storage into a tiny microSD card meeting the standard's 0.8mm thickness limit.

The Exceria Plus G2 reads at 100 MB per second and writes at 90 MB per second. It meets the Ultra High Speed Class 3 (U3) and Video Speed Class 30 (V30) ratings for fast performance. The card also hits Application Performance Class 1 (A1) for quick app loading.

With a 2TB capacity, smartphone owners can capture over 40 hours of high-bit-rate 4K video. Content creators gain ample space for photos, videos, and files.

Gamers can download more games and save progress on the go. The card frees users from worrying about running out of space.

Kioxia accomplished what major brands like Samsung, SanDisk, and Micron could not. A few Chinese brands claim to sell 2TB cards, but industry experts believe those products misreport their true capacity. The Exceria Plus G2 is the first 2TB microSD card from an established manufacturer.

The card should launch worldwide next quarter 2024. Kioxia hasn't shared pricing yet. But given the 1.5TB card sells for over $450, expect the 2TB version to demand a premium price.

Kioxia was spun off from Toshiba Memory in 2018. It pioneered flash storage technologies used across consumer and enterprise devices today.

While not a household name like Samsung or SanDisk, Kioxia supplies memory chips inside products from major brands.

The Exceria Plus G2 microSD card proves Kioxia's technical leadership in storage. For years, the SD Association claimed 2TB microSD support despite no manufacturer achieving it.

Now Kioxia is first to market with a 2TB card consumers can actually buy.

Smartphone and tablet users with large storage needs should anticipate the Exceria Plus G2 release. While pricy, the huge 2TB capacity will be a must-have for power users. Kioxia's card pushes storage possibilities to the next level.


Specification Details
Capacity 2TB
Interface microSDXC, UHS-I
Sequential Read Speed Up to 100MB/s
Sequential Write Speed Up to 90MB/s
Speed Class U3, V30
Application Class A1
Physical Dimensions 15mm x 11mm x 0.8mm
3D Flash Memory 16-layer BiCS FLASH
Recording Time 41+ hours of 4K video (at 100Mbps)
Warranty Not specified
Launch Date Q1 2024 (mass production started)

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– Jim Miller