Test Of $12 Small Wireless Blueooth Keyboard For Tablets, Smartphones, Other PCs

Alldocube is shipping one of their wireless Bluetooth keyboards with some of their tablet bundles, including the Alldocue iPlay 50 Pro Mini so I thought I would test and review this small keyboard, which is also available by itself in black, white, and several other colors for around $12:

The size of it is meant to fit 10.1-inch tablets, so if you have a 10.1-inch tablet, they can be put in a bag side by side, and they will match each others sizes, as you can see below.

But they can of course be used with tablets and other Bluetooth enabled devices of any size, as well as any operating system including Android, iOS/iPadOS, Windows, and Chrome.

Cheap wireless keyboard for tablets

And it even has separate quick connect buttons for Android, iOS, and Windows.

It has a short key travel with not too much jiggle in the keys, and is relatively quiet to type on. The top of the keyboard before the keys is raised, and so are a small portion of the left and right side of the bottom, so that the keys will be protected against too much pressure if it's thrown into a bag.

Small wireless Bluetooth keyboard

The keyboard and key size is similar to that of the Surface Go 4 keyboard, but smaller than that of the Surface Pro 9, so it's about an inch smaller than a full size keyboard.

It has an aluminum plate underneath which doesn't move much, but it's still easy to slide it around on the desk and quickly place it in whatever position I want it in, or move it out of the way.

Pair tablet with wireless keyboard
Pairing the tablet with the wireless keyboard

As a Bluetooth 3.1 keyboard, it has a range of about 10m, and is equipped with a 200 mAh rechargeable battery that charges through the USB-C port on the right side of the keyboard. The battery life can manage 44 hours of typing when turned on.

Connecting it is easy. There's a physical on/off button on the top, and to connect a device I just click the “Connect” button to pair it with a tablet or smartphone.
It will then show up on the screen as “Bluetooth Keyboard.” Once I accept that pairing, I can start using the keyboard to type on straight away.

There's a ton of wireless keyboards on the market, both large and small, but what I like the most about this keyboard is the cheap price.

Bluetooth keyboard with USB C charging
– Tom Bowen