Announced: HP SlateBook x2

HP announced two new hybrid tablets today, the HP SlateBook x2 seen below and the HP Split x2.

HP SlateBook x2
This new hybrid tablet is a 10.1-inch (1920×1200 resolution) Android 4.2 tablet, which will probably be most desirable for its use of the brand new Tegra 4 processor. The SlateBook x2 will be released in August, starting at $479.99.

(UPDATED: This device was released on August 5)

HP SlateBook x2
HP SlateBook x2

Like every other tablet with a dock, the docking adds another battery, thereby increasing the overall battery life and usability.

HP says the storage is an impressive 64 GB, and that it will have DTS Sound+ for a great audio experience.
No other specs have been revealed by HP yet.

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– Jim Miller