Google Pixel Tablet 2.0 : What to Expect in 2024

Google Pixel Tablet launched in 2023 to a lukewarm reception. While the tablet offers some unique features like a detachable speaker dock, it also has some glaring omissions.

Latest Update (January 9, 2024): Google Announces New Features for Pixel Tablet at CES 2024

As we move into 2024, Google has an opportunity to refine and improve the Pixel Tablet. Here are the key things we expect:

Google Pixel Tablet
Google Pixel Tablet

Better Display

The current Pixel Tablet display leaves much to be desired. The 10.95-inch LCD screen runs at just 60Hz refresh rate, while many competitors offer higher resolution OLED panels with smoother 90 or 120Hz refresh rates.

We expect Google will upgrade to an OLED screen in the next model, while also boosting refresh rate to make the viewing experience much smoother.

More Accessories

One of the Pixel Tablet’s biggest weaknesses is its lack of accessories. There is no keyboard case or stylus available from Google.

The company focused heavily on the speaker dock, but ignored other accessories that help make tablets more versatile. We expect Google will launch its own keyboard case and stylus to transform the Pixel Tablet into a more capable productivity machine.

Tensor G3 Processor

The current tablet uses last year’s Tensor G2 chip. For the next model, Google will surely update to the newest Tensor G3 processor that debuted in the Pixel 7 phones.

This will provide a nice performance boost while also enabling better AI capabilities.

Refined Software

The dual nature of the Pixel Tab – tablet and smart display – makes for a confusing software experience right now. Google needs to refine this and make the transition between modes more seamless.

We expect software updates throughout 2023 to smooth out some of these rough edges before the next tablet arrives.

Better Battery Life

Battery life is just okay on the current tablet. For a device meant to be used heavily in the home, longer battery life is important. We expect Google will squeeze in a larger battery to make the Pixel Tab last longer on a charge.

Optional Speaker Dock

The excellent speaker dock is bundled with all Pixel Tablet models right now. But this limits purchase options. We hope Google will sell the next generation tablet separately, so users can choose whether they want the dock or not.

Smarter Speaker Dock

Google Pixel Table Dock.
Google Pixel Table Dock.

Speaking of the dock, it would be great if Google made this accessory smarter. Currently, it is useless unless the tablet is attached. Allowing it to function as a standalone smart speaker makes sense.

Enabling wireless charging in the dock would also be a big improvement.

Lower Price

With a starting price of $599 including the dock, the Pixel Tablet sits at the higher end of mid-range pricing. To appeal to more budget-focused shoppers, a lower starting price closer to $399 or $499 seems reasonable for a Pixel Tablet 2. Offer the dock as an optional upgrade.

More Focus on Portability

Despite its size, the Pixel Tablet still needs to cater to users who want to take it on the go. A more portable design, with slimmer bezels, lighter construction, and improved cameras would help.

Turning it into a device people feel comfortable traveling with makes the tablet much more versatile.

The Pixel Tablet shows promise as a unique hybrid device. But the first generation model still needs refining. If Google focuses on improving weak points like the display, battery, and accessories while building on the tablet’s strengths, the Pixel Tablet 2 could be a breakout hit in 2024. With the right improvements, it has potential to be one of the best Android tablets on the market.

Google Pixel Tablet 2.0 2024 Expected Specs

Feature Specs
Display 12.4-inch OLED display 2560 x 1600 resolution

458 ppi pixel density 120Hz refresh rate

HDR10+ support Gorilla Glass protection

Processor Google Tensor G3 chip Dual core Cortex-X1 at 2.85GHz

Dual core Cortex-A78 at 2.25GHz Four core Cortex-A55 at 1.8GHz 6nm

Manufacturing process Tensor Processing Unit for AI

Storage 128GB UFS 3.1 storage 256GB option
Cameras 12MP primary rear camera f/1.7 aperture 1.4μm pixel width

OIS and EIS stabilization

8MP front-facing camera f/2.0 aperture 1.12μm pixel width

Battery 10,000 mAh capacity 30W

USB-C wired charging 15W wireless charging

USB-PD 3.0 support

Speakers Quad speakers Dolby Atmos support
Accessories Pixel Keyboard Cover with trackpad

Pixel Pen stylus with USI 2.0 support

Colors Just Black, Fog White
Software Android 13

Three OS upgrades guaranteed

Price Starting at $499

– Jim Miller