Foldable Samsung W20 5G Released In China With Snapdragon 855+ Processor

Four days after Huawei released the first foldable in China with their Huawei Mate X, Samsung followed suit by launching the Samsung W20 5G in China today, which is the slightly reworked version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold for the Chinese market.

Most hardware is the same, like the 4.6-inch and 7.3-inch displays, cameras, storage, and memory, but the Samsung W20 5G has an even more impressive Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor, as well as 5G as standard of course.

The buttons are also a little different, and the W20 5G has some unique white and black color options, as well as a different 4235 mAh battery, a different read LED flash/light, and a different stock wallpaper with angel wings.

Samsung W20 5G

Samsung W20 5G is still in the $2000 plus price category, but then again Samsung's first foldables have phenomenal specs to justify the price with too.

The question in advance of today's launch was if the W20 5G was different enough to count as an entirely different foldable tablet phone from Samsung. But as we see, it is mainly just a slightly reworked Galaxy Fold.

That means that the next Samsung foldables to look forward to in 2020/2021 after the Galaxy Fold and W20 5G might still be the fabled “Galaxy Fold Mini” at 4-inch + 6.8-inch, and “Galaxy Fold Max” at 5-inch + 8-inch.

But now that China has two foldable tablet phones to chose from, Xiaomi and Oppo might start to manufacture their foldables as well.

– Jim Miller