Fire HD 6 Sale Ends Sunday At 9 AM

Sale of the Fire HD 6 tablet which have been cut for the shopping week from $99 to $79 wil end on Sunday, at 9:00 AM.

The Fire HD 6 is a 6-inch Android + Fire tablet and it was the first 6-inch tablet from Amazon when the company launched their new 2014-2015 Fire tablet line in September.

Since then it has been on the top of the charts on the best seller list for tablet computers, only beaten for a day by the Nexus 9 when that tablet started taking orders on October 17. I can't tell if it's the price or the first 6-inch Fire tablet display that causes the attraction, or if it's both.

The slightly larger Fire HD 7 tablet however, another hot tablet just behind the Fire HD 6 in the charts, will continue to be on sale with a $30 price cut that lasts until Tuesday, December 2. So that sale will last through the whole of Cyber Monday.

There are rumors that another Fire tablet might be on sale on Monday as well, but we don't know if that would be the HDX 7 or the new HDX 8.9.

Lot's of other new tablet deals will be announced on Sunday however, so stay tuned if you are looking for a good tablet deal for the holidays.

– Tom Bowen