Best Games You Can Play on Your Android Watch

Your Android WearOS watch is not just meant for important notifications and health tracking, it can save you from boredom when your phone is running out of juice and you have no other way to kill some time. Even though the tiny watch is nowhere near the smartphones in terms of gaming but it can surely run casual games with ease. So for all those situations where you don’t want to or can’t use your phone to play games, check out these best games for Android WearOS.

Best WearOS Games

1. 2048

2048 is really the Tetris of our time, there is one version for almost every platform including WearOS. For the uninitiated, 2048 is a simple addition game where your aim is to reach the tile 2048 by merging tiles. You begin with tiles valued 2 and then keep merging identical tiles to form the tile with twice the value. It is a no brainer for a casual game for WearOS.


Install 2048 (free)

2. Cosmo Run

Next, we have Cosmo Run, another casual arcade game which would keep your eyes glued to the tiny screen. Your aim is to move the ball on a ramp suspended in space and avoid falling off the ramp. The controls are simple, the ball would move forward until you tap the screen to make a turn. Don’t worry, the game decides which way to make the ball turn, you just focus on your timing and shoot for the high score.

Cosmo Run

Install Cosmo Run (free)

3. 3 to 9

3 to 9 is a simple game where you play against a person or the computer. It uses circles of different colors, and your objective is to match the circles in the correct order. It's a challenging game that will test your reflexes and agility.

Install 3 to 9 (free)

4. Dices

Dice are an essential part of board games, and this app can be the perfect replacement for physical dice. You can roll up to five dice at once, and the app will also tell you the sum of all the dice. It's a convenient tool to have when playing board games on your watch.

Install Dices (free)

5. Rontivity

Rontivity is a simple but challenging game where you tap on the screen to move the ball away from obstacles. The game takes advantage of the circular screen of the watch and looks neat. Don’t let the looks deceive you, it gets frustrating really fast when you die repeatedly. If you have the might to take on this beast and create the highest score, the link’s right there.

Install Rontivity (free)

6. Infinity Loop

Infinity Loop is a mellow puzzle game that will keep you engaged. Your aim is to rearrange the pieces on the screen to make a figure. The game levels are well thought out and do their best to amaze you on each level. It's a relaxing game that will challenge your problem-solving skills.

Install Infinity Loop (free)

7. Circle Pong

Circle Pong is a challenging game where you have to keep the ping pong ball bouncing within the watch perimeter. You control the ramp by tapping and holding the screen. When you tap, the ramp moves around and you have to catch up to the ball before it is out of bounds. See how high can you score, my best is a hundred.

Install Circle Pong (free)

8. Color Pong

Color Pong takes the previous game to a whole another level. Your objective is to keep the ball within the perimeter, but the ball can only bounce back from the same colored ramp. Challenging enough?

Install Color Pong (free)

9. Infinity Runner Pro

Infinity Runner Pro shares design and mechanics with Cosmic Run. It has similar gameplay, but with a few minor changes. For example, you get a wider ramp to roll your ball, but you also get spikes every now and then which adds to the difficulty. Collect gems to buy items and aim for the high score.

Install Infinity Runner Pro (free)

10. PetQuest

Remember Tamagotchis? You can relive the nostalgia with PetQuest. It is a pixel-style adventure game for WearOS where you can play with your digital pets, feed them, make them learn new tricks, go on quests, and more. It's a fun way to take care of a virtual pet on your watch.

Install PetQuest (free)

These were some of the best games you can play on your Android WearOS watch. There are tons of other games available on the Play Store, so explore and find the ones that suit your preferences. Let us know in the comments if you have any other recommendations. Happy gaming!

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