8 Best Apps to Help Kids with Dyslexia Read and Learn Better

Dyslexia is a learning disability that can make it challenging for kids to read and learn new things. However, there are apps available for Android and iOS platforms that can help children with dyslexia improve their reading and writing skills. These apps are designed to assist kids with dyslexia and provide them with the necessary tools to overcome their learning difficulties. In this article, we will explore the best apps for dyslexia that can make a significant difference in your child's learning journey.

1. Teen & Adult Phonics Library

Teen & Adult Phonics Library, also known as TAP, is a popular app specifically designed for kids with dyslexia. It offers an online library of books created specifically for dyslexic children with learning difficulties. The app includes different reading styles and a decoding tool to help kids understand phonics progressively. TAP also employs color coding to make reading more accessible and visually appealing. The app is free to download and use, and additional books can be unlocked with a one-time in-app purchase of $2.99.

2. ABC Reading Magic Series

ABC Reading Magic Series consists of several apps designed for children with learning difficulties like ADHD and dyslexia. The apps utilize tested phonemic methods to help kids understand letters and sounds. Along with stories and written content, ABC Reading also offers games that focus on blending and segmenting. This series of apps is recommended by educational institutes worldwide for dyslexic children. Some content is free, while the entire library can be unlocked with a one-time payment of $1.99.

3. ClaroSpeak Plus

ClaroSpeak Plus is an app that assists children with dyslexia in reading and making sense of letters. It uses a text-to-speech feature to read text out loud and allows users to import documents from various sources. ClaroSpeak Plus also supports dictation and spell checking, making it a valuable tool for dyslexic students. The app is free to use, and additional voices and accents can be downloaded for $9.99.

4. Google Play Books

Google Play Books offers a vast library of books on various topics, including eBooks and audiobooks. The app includes a built-in text-to-speech feature that makes it easy to listen to books. It also offers synchronized highlighting and annotation tools, enhancing the learning experience. While the app is free to download and use, eBooks are available for purchase based on the authors' fixed prices.

5. Learning Ally

Learning Ally provides programs specifically designed for children with learning difficulties. The app offers audiobooks read by skilled narrators, making it a valuable resource for dyslexic children. Learning Ally audiobooks are tailored to enhance the reading and writing abilities of children with dyslexia. The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

6. Ginger Grammar Checker

Ginger Grammar Checker is a keyboard app that goes beyond spellchecking and also corrects grammar. This app is beneficial for dyslexic students as it suggests words and phrases to improve their writing. Ginger supports both US and UK dialects and offers an in-built translator with support for multiple languages. The app is available for $4.99 and is ad-free.

7. Phonics Genius

Phonics Genius is an app that helps kids learn over 6000 words based on their phonic sounds. The app organizes words into lists, making it easier for children to practice and reinforce their learning. Each word has a flashcard, and users can loop them to repeat at their own pace. Phonics Genius is ad-free and available for $1.49.

8. OCR Instantly Pro

OCR Instantly Pro utilizes state-of-the-art OCR technology to convert images to text, making it an ideal app for dyslexic students dealing with hard copies and documents. The app allows users to scan text and then uses text-to-speech to read it out loud. OCR Instantly Pro works offline and supports multiple languages. The app is free to use, with the option to upgrade to the pro version for additional features.

In conclusion, these apps provide valuable assistance to children with dyslexia, helping them improve their reading, writing, and learning abilities. Each app caters to different aspects of dyslexia and offers unique features to enhance the learning experience. By utilizing these apps, children with dyslexia can overcome their learning difficulties and thrive in their educational journey.