Accessories That Enable Facial Tracking In Video Calls Like The New iPad Pro

Now that Apple has introduced the auto tracking feature of people in video calls that they call Center Stage starting with the new iPad Pro, and Amazon is introducing their own version of the same on the new Echos Show 8, people are starting to talk about this feature.

But the actual feature or technology is nothing new, even on the hardware side.

So there are ways for people to get this technology on older or other devices too, even on smartphones.

The simplest method is through some of the external auto tracking webcams. These are usually the cheapest too, and typically feature horizontally rotating cameras that tracks users.

The other and most often used method is by rotating not just the camera but the entire device, like a smartphone. The most popular ones here are the Pivo Pod Red, or the higher specs version Pivo Pod Silver.

Pivo's Pod solutions offers a couple of additional videography features too, which makes them fun to use outside of just video calls.

– Jim Miller