A Glimpse Into The Future Of Display Technologies For Tablets, Computers, And Foldables

In the world of tablets and computers there's one display trade show event that's more important than the other, and that's the annual Display Week.

And now that we know what to expect in screen technologies for the next year, we can take a look at many of the interesting types of displays that are available today, in one form or the other.

All of which have great potential when paired with the right product or user. Many companies will release press release later in 2023 and in 2024 where they will showcase prototypes with some of these displays you can see here, but the following video will give you a glimpse into these displays before then, as well as give you a good roundup of the many types of displays that are available in 2023, including the many variations of rollable displays, 360 degree foldable displays, transparent displays, and small displays.

Based on the insights of Ron Mertens from OLED-info, it looks like near future belongs to OLED and micro-LED displays, where sensors embedded underneath the display is one of the next features, along with continued improved energy efficiency, which of course will lead to improved battery life.

So lots to look forward too, which will push the envelope on tablets even further.

– Jim Miller