7-Inch Google Home Hub Leaked In Pictures – Believed To Launch October 9

The 7-inch Google Home Hub is now leaked in the first picture together with the flyers for it.

Google Home Hub is presented as a 7-inch tablet with a speaker and power supply attached to the back of it. Specs provided in the flyers specifies dual-band 802.11 b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi, far field mics, full range speaker, with a 1.5m power cable, with the hub weighing 480 grams, and having black and white color options.

Smart device compatibility is specified to Nest devices and over 5000 smart devices from over 400 different brands. The launch price will be $149.

Google Home Hub
Google Home Hub

We still have to wait and see all the details when it launches, probably at their October event. Only then can we determine if it will be worth the money.

But it is up against some serious competition. If the price is right, maybe it could sell the reported 3 million units from the reported first production. The cheapest alternatives comes from Amazon at the moment, and with Amazon planning to release 10 new smart devices over the course of the next year, this will only add to the competition.

Several tablets can also go into “smart hub mode” or “home hub mode” when docked into a tablet dock. The cheapest of these is the Show Mode Charging Dock which is a $39 accessory to the Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 tablets launched in June.

Lenovo's Home Assistant Pack for the Lenovo Tab 4 tablets and this years Android tablets costs $79, while the Charging Dock Pogo for the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and Tab A 10.5 costs $59.

– Tom Bowen