7 Best Android Apps to Unlock the Full Potential of NFC Tags

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology has revolutionized the way we interact with our smartphones. With NFC tags, you can automate tasks, share information, and unlock the full potential of your Android device. In this article, we’ll explore the top 7 Android apps that can help you make the most of NFC tags. Let’s dive in!

1. NFC Tools

NFC Tools is a handy app that allows you to read, write, and erase NFC tags. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily perform various actions with just a few taps. Whether you want to scan and read the details of a tag or write information like text, URLs, or phone numbers to a tag, NFC Tools has got you covered. It even offers advanced options like formatting the card or setting a password. Available for both Android and iPhone, NFC Tools is a must-have app for NFC enthusiasts.

2. NFC TagWriter by NXP

Developed by NXP semiconductors, a leading NFC hardware manufacturer, NFC TagWriter is a versatile app that allows you to copy, format, and write NFC tags. In addition to basic functionalities, this app also enables you to convert QR codes into NFC data sets. Whether you need to view the content of a tag, erase it, or make it read-only, NFC TagWriter is a reliable tool that can assist you.

3. NFC ReTag

If you already have write-protected NFC cards like metro cards, hotel cards, or gift cards, NFC ReTag can come in handy. This app allows you to reuse these tags for various purposes without having to buy new ones. By remembering the unique tag ID, NFC ReTag lets you perform tasks like toggling WiFi and Bluetooth, calling a phone number, opening an app, or running a Tasker task. It’s a practical solution for making the most of your existing NFC cards.

4. Sleep As Android: Smart Alarm

For those who struggle with waking up in the morning, Sleep As Android is the perfect app. This smart alarm app utilizes NFC tags to ensure you get out of bed on time. By placing NFC tags away from your bed, such as in the bathroom or kitchen, you can only turn off the alarm by scanning the tag. This ensures that you physically get out of bed to silence the alarm. Sleep As Android also offers advanced sleep tracking features and can be set as an admin to prevent you from easily bypassing the alarm.

5. NFC TagInfo by NXP

NFC TagInfo is an essential app for developers and enthusiasts who want to analyze the details of their NFC tags. Developed by NXP Semiconductor, this app allows you to explore the complete tag memory layout, identify tag type and manufacturer, and check the NDEF record. Whether you’re a professional NFC developer or simply curious about the technical aspects of your tags, NFC TagInfo is a powerful tool that provides valuable insights.

6. Automate

Automate is an automation app that takes NFC tag usage to the next level. With its flowchart-based interface, you can create complex automation processes triggered by a simple tap on an NFC tag. Similar to popular automation apps like Tasker and IFTTT, Automate allows you to streamline repetitive tasks and integrate with third-party devices and services. If you’re looking to automate your Android device, Automate is a fantastic choice.

7. InstaWifi

InstaWifi simplifies the process of sharing your WiFi password with friends and guests. Instead of revealing your password, you can write it to an NFC tag and place it near the router. When someone with an NFC-supported smartphone scans the tag, they automatically gain access to your WiFi network. Alternatively, the app also supports QR codes, allowing users to log in by scanning the code with any QR code reader app. InstaWifi is a convenient solution for hassle-free WiFi sharing.

Unlocking the Full Potential of NFC Tags

These 7 Android apps empower you to leverage the capabilities of NFC tags in innovative ways. From basic tasks like reading, writing, and erasing tags to advanced automation and WiFi sharing, these apps cover a wide range of functionalities. Whether you’re a casual user or an NFC enthusiast, these apps will help you unlock the full potential of NFC technology. So grab your Android device, explore these apps, and discover the endless possibilities of NFC tags.