22 Creative Uses for NFC Tags You Never Knew

While many people believe that NFC tags are only used for mobile payments and small automation tasks, the truth is that their potential is limited only by one’s creativity. In this article, we will explore some cool and unexpected uses for NFC tags that you may not have known about. Let’s dive in!

Automate Sleep Mode With NFC

Using apps like NFC Tools, you can program NFC tags to turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, activate silent mode, and even open the alarm app for sleep mode. Simply place the NFC tag near your bed and enjoy a good night’s sleep without worrying about your phone’s settings.

Set Kitchen Timers

Cooking in the kitchen? Use an NFC tag to simplify the process. Just tap your iPhone on the tag and the timer starts immediately. No need to navigate through menus or open any apps. It’s quick and convenient.

Run Siri Shortcuts on iPhone

Take advantage of Siri Shortcuts on your iPhone by using NFC tags as triggers. You can create shortcuts to perform various tasks, like playing your favorite film on Apple TV or controlling your smart devices, all with a simple tap on the NFC tag.

Connect Bluetooth Devices

Pairing Bluetooth devices can be a hassle, but with NFC tags, you can simplify the process. Use apps like BT tag writer to store the pairing information in NFC tags. Now, connecting your Bluetooth speakers or headphones is as easy as tapping the tag.

Make Payments Using NFC

NFC is not just for mobile payments. With NFC-enabled smartphones, you can pay directly without the need for a physical wallet. It’s secure and convenient, and many stores around the world now accept NFC payments.

Track Your Car Mileage

Manage your car’s mileage and calculate your budget with the help of the MyLog mileage logbook app. By placing NFC tags in your car, you can easily track your daily costs and monitor the mileage of your vehicle.

Use NFC in Your Car

Program NFC tags to automate tasks in your car, such as opening Google Maps, turning on Bluetooth, and connecting your phone to the entertainment system. When you leave the car, the tags can revert the changes automatically.

Set Smart Alarms

Struggling to get out of bed? Use apps like Sleep as Android to set an alarm that can only be turned off by scanning an NFC tag. Place the tag away from your bed, so you have to physically get up and walk to the tag to turn off the alarm.

Emergency Call/Text

Program NFC tags to send emergency calls or text messages. This can be useful for children who can’t type yet or to ensure their safety when you’re not around. It’s a quick and simple way to stay connected.

Call Your Loved Ones

Program NFC tags to make calls to your loved ones. Place the tags near their photos or on the fridge. Whenever you want to call them, simply wave your phone over the tag and connect instantly.

Interactive Foursquare Check-ins

Make check-ins easier for your customers by using NFC tags. They can update their Foursquare check-ins by tapping their smartphones on your menu card or reception desk. You can also ask your customers for reviews on Google Maps using NFC tags.

Leave Secret Messages

Use NFC tags to leave secret messages for your friends. Program the tags with your message or record a voice message. Then, send the NFC tag to your friend or hide it in a secret place. It’s a fun and private way to communicate.

Organize Your Belongings

If you have many boxes or storage containers, use NFC tags to label and index them. Instead of opening each box, simply tap your phone on the tag to see what’s inside. It’s a time-saving solution, especially when moving houses.

Control Wi-Fi Connections

Program NFC tags to toggle Wi-Fi on and off. This can be useful when you need to focus on tasks without distractions. Place the tag at your home’s entrance or near your bed for easy access.

Share Wi-Fi without Sharing Passwords

Share your Wi-Fi network with guests without sharing the password. Apps like InstaWiFi allow you to share your Wi-Fi password through NFC. Alternatively, you can write down the password on an NFC tag and place it near your router for easy access.

Start Tasker Tasks

Automate your Android device with Tasker and NFC tags. Create tasks that can be triggered by tapping an NFC tag. For example, you can push your current Chrome tab to your computer or perform other custom actions.

Unlock Your Door

Securely lock and unlock your door using NFC technology. Devices like Lockitron allow you to unlock your door by simply tapping your device on it. It’s a convenient and hassle-free way to access your home.

Boot Your PC with NFC

Boot your PC using NFC technology. By sending data packets from your smartphone to your laptop over the LAN, you can power on your computer with a simple tap. It’s a cool and futuristic way to start your day.

NFC-Enabled Loyalty Cards

NFC loyalty cards can track customer preferences and offer personalized discounts. They provide valuable data to businesses for better advertising and customer service. It’s a win-win for both customers and advertisers.

Control Your Surroundings

With NFC tags and automation hardware like WeMo, you can control your room lights with voice commands. Turn on/off lights from anywhere within the same Wi-Fi network. Imagine the convenience and ambiance it creates.

Interactive Smart Posters

Smart posters integrated with NFC tags allow users to interact directly with the content. For example, tapping a smartphone on a movie poster can take you to the trailer or the movie’s Facebook page. It’s an engaging and interactive experience.

NFC Smart Cards

NFC smart cards eliminate the need to carry physical business cards. Share your contact information, website URL, or company details with a single tap. Employers can also provide smart cards with personal data and access codes for their employees.

In conclusion, NFC tags have endless possibilities. These are just a few creative uses to get you started. If you have more ideas, feel free to share them in the comments. Explore the potential of NFC tags and make your life more convenient and connected. Stay wise!

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