5 Best Weekly Planner Apps for Android and iOS

Planning ahead of time is crucial for success in any endeavor. While many people rely on Google Calendar for scheduling their weeks, sometimes it may not be enough. That’s where weekly planner apps come in handy. These apps provide a fresh perspective and tackle the planning problem from different angles. In this article, we will explore the five best weekly planner apps for Android and iOS that can revolutionize the way you work and plan.

1. Any.do

Any.do is a popular and feature-rich weekly planner app that will change the way you work and plan your weeks. Originally a to-do list app, Any.do has integrated a calendar to offer everything in a single layout. With natural language processing, you can easily schedule events, invite others, complete tasks, and view everything neatly organized in a calendar view.

Apart from these basic features, Any.do also offers other useful functionalities. You can create tasks within tasks, take notes, use a Pomodoro-style focus timer, integrate with Alexa and IFTTT, and much more. With its plethora of features and app integrations, Any.do justifies its subscription model.

2. Business Calendar 2

Business Calendar 2 is a comprehensive weekly planner app for Android. It has everything you need to plan your workdays in advance. The app allows you to attach files, connect with popular calendar apps like Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange, and even add emoticons. You can create to-do lists directly within the calendar, move events and tasks using drag-and-drop gestures, and create templates for recurring meetings. With multiple themes and views, you can customize the calendar to suit your preferences.

While the free version of Business Calendar 2 is ad-supported, the paid version offers additional features and is definitely worth the investment.

3. Trello

Trello is a popular Kanban-style weekly planner app that uses boards and cards to help you stay organized. You can create different lists like “To-do,” “Doing,” and “Done” and move cards between them. Each card can have its own to-do lists, description, notes, files, and even third-party app integration. Trello is widely used by individuals and teams alike and is considered the gold standard of Kanban tools. You can also set reminders and activate the calendar power-up for enhanced functionality.

The free plan of Trello is sufficient for most users, but if you require additional features, there are paid plans available.

4. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an all-in-one solution for email, calendar, and to-do management. With Outlook, you can seamlessly integrate your emails, calendar, and tasks in one place. It also works well with other Microsoft apps like Word, Excel, and OneDrive, making it a powerful weekly planner app. However, to access the to-do list manager, you need to download the standalone Microsoft To-Do app.

Microsoft Outlook offers a wide range of features and is a great choice if you need a comprehensive planning tool.

5. Sectograph

If you prefer using Google Calendar but want a different way to view your events and reminders, Sectograph is a handy app for you. Sectograph creates a clock widget on your home screen that displays all your Google Calendar events and reminders. This way, you can not only see the time but also your agenda at a glance. The widget only covers 12 hours at a time, so you won’t be overwhelmed by future events.

Sectograph is a useful tool for planning classroom schedules, office hours, and more. However, it currently only supports Google Calendar and does not integrate with other calendar apps.

In conclusion, choosing the right weekly planner app depends on your personal needs and work style. Each of these apps has been tried and tested by millions of users and offers unique features to boost your productivity. Try a few of them and see which one suits you best. And remember, planning ahead is the key to success!

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