5 Best Discord Bots to Delete Messages Based on Parameters

Deleting messages in Discord is a straightforward process, but when it comes to deleting multiple messages based on certain criteria or deleting all messages, it can be time-consuming. Luckily, there are Discord bots available that can help you delete messages in bulk and save you time and effort. In this article, we will explore the best Discord bots for deleting messages based on parameters.

Things to Note

Before we dive into the bots, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Bots can only delete messages in channels, not in Direct Messages.
  • You need to have admin privileges or the necessary permissions to manage the server and messages.
  • These bots require access to your message history to delete messages.
  • Due to Discord API limitations, bots cannot delete messages older than 14 days. However, there is a workaround that we will discuss later.

Now, let's explore the top Discord bots for deleting messages.

1. Command Cleanup

Command Cleanup is a versatile bot that allows you to delete different types of messages based on specific parameters. By using the .cleanup command followed by the desired parameter, you can delete messages with links, images, attachments, mentions, bots, and more. For example, typing .cleanup links will delete all messages containing links.

You can also set timeframes such as 1d (1 day), 4h (4 hours), or even a specific time like 20h 30m 20s. Additionally, using the command .cleanup 15 will delete the last 15 messages, while .cleanup all will delete all messages within the past 14 days.

command cleanup delete the messages with text secret in discord

To add Command Cleanup to your Discord server, follow this link.

2. Clean Chat

Clean Chat is a useful bot for managing command line messages in your server. It allows you to delete messages that trigger other bots. By using the @cleanchat addbot @BOTNAME prefix command, you can delete command line messages for specific bots. For example, @cleanchat addbot @Rythm ! will delete all command messages for the Rythm bot.

To delete bot messages, use the @cleanchat deletebotmsg @BOTNAME True command. For instance, @cleanchat deletebotmsg @Rythm True will delete all messages from the Rythm bot.

To add Clean Chat to your Discord server, click here.

3. Auto Delete

Auto Delete is a minimalistic Discord bot that allows you to automatically delete messages after a specific time. Simply use the @AutoDelete start command followed by the desired time parameter, such as 24h for 24 hours or 5m for 5 minutes. Messages sent in the channel will be deleted after the specified time.

To turn off auto-delete, use the @AutoDelete set 0 command.

To add Auto Delete to your Discord server, visit this link.

4. Mee6

Mee6 is a multi-functional bot that includes a message deletion feature. With Mee6, you can delete the last 100 messages in a channel by using the !clear command. For example, !clear 500 will delete the last 500 messages. You can also delete messages from a specific user by using the !clear @username command.

Please note that Mee6 can only delete up to the last 1000 messages.

To add Mee6 to your Discord server, click here.

5. Clearer Bot

Clearer Bot is unique in that it can delete all messages in a channel, even those older than 14 days. This is achieved by deleting the entire channel and creating a new one with the same properties. The bot automatically grants permissions to the new channel for users who had access to the previous channel.

To delete all messages in a channel, use the n!nuke command. Please note that this will delete everything in the channel.

To add Clearer Bot to your Discord server, visit this link.

Wrapping Up

While there are several Discord bots available for deleting messages, each bot has its own unique features and functionality. Command Cleanup allows you to delete messages based on various parameters, Clean Chat helps manage command line messages, Auto Delete automates message deletion, Mee6 offers multi-functional capabilities, and Clearer Bot can delete all messages in a channel.

Adding these bots to your Discord server can greatly simplify the process of deleting messages and help keep your server clean and organized.

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