3D Tablet ZTE Nubia Pad 3D Unveiling February 28

ZTE said today that they will unveil a special new tablet during the Mobile World Congress 2023 (MWC) in Barcelona on February 28.

The new ZTE tablet, called Nubia Pad 3D is as the name suggests a 3D tablet. I don't know much about this tablet yet other than ZTE saying that this 3D tablet works directly without special glasses and that it uses intelligent recognition of the eyes to create the 3D effect.

3D tablets have been around for a while and are used in both engineering and medical professions and studies, among other fields.

3D Tablet ZTE Nubia Pad 3D
ZTE Nubia Pad 3D

Some 3D tablets rely on glasses, while other 3D tablets, like the Anatomage VR are stereoscopic tablets.

So let's see if ZTE has come up with new ways of creating 3D effects. It seems that the ZTE Nubia Pad 3D will use the Lit by Leia 3DL technology though.

Which means that this will be a 12.4-inch tablet with 2560 x 1600 resolution, quad speakers, and stereo head-tracking with a 86 degree view which is a technology that so far has only been put in use by the slightly different Lume Pad, seen in the video below.

ZTE Nubia Pad 3D
ZTE Nubia Pad 3D

– Tom Bowen