3D Medical Tablet PC Anatomage VR

Here’s one of the many reasons why I love tablet computers and why they can offer so much to the world. It’s the medical tablet Anatomage VR.

This is a 3D tablet, or more precisely a stereoscopic tablet that has the capacity to illustrate the content on the display in 3D without the use of any form of goggles, headsets, or 3D accessories.

But the Anatomage VR is a tablet computer dedicated to the medical field, so only medical content is available on the Anatomage VR.

Medical 3D Tablet Computer

The people behind this tablet says that the Anatomage VR is particularly suited for medical students coming to terms with the new concepts by seeing the human body in 3D, with the ability to see organ functions, and the anatomical complexity of the body with material from over 2500 anatomical structures, including over 300 pathology cases, an understanding of diagnostic processes, reconstruction of CT and MRI scans, and so on.

So probably all the things you would expect from a 3D medical tablet.

– Tom Bowen

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