3 Best AI Tools for Creating Stunning PPT Presentations

Making visually appealing and well-researched PowerPoint (PPT) presentations can be time-consuming and challenging. Luckily, with the availability of AI tools, creating stellar PPT presentations has become easier, quicker, and more efficient. While general AI tools like ChatGPT and Copilot can assist you in researching any topic, there are niche AI tools specifically designed to suggest elements that make your PPT visually attractive. Some AI services can even generate entire PPTs with a single prompt, catering to your specific needs. After trying several paid and free AI tools, we have identified the top three AI tools that can help you create and enhance your PPT presentations.

1. Tome

Tome is an AI tool that focuses solely on making PPT presentations using AI technology. It offers a freemium model, providing around 500 credits per month for free, which allows you to create approximately 2-3 presentations. For more extensive usage, you can opt for a pro plan starting from $16 per month, which gives you unlimited credits. In addition to the credit system, Tome also offers a variety of templates and integrates with third-party apps like Figma and Looker. Here's how you can use Tome to make presentations:

  1. Start creating presentations from scratch by clicking on the “Create” button at the top right after logging in. Alternatively, you can browse the Templates section and select a relevant template to get started.

  2. On the edit page, you can find various editing options such as text, images, tables, charts, themes, etc. on the right side.

  3. On the left side, you will see all the slides.

  4. To add more slides, click on the “Add page” button at the bottom left.

  5. At the bottom of the page, there is a text box where you can enter prompts. You can choose from the provided options or enter your own prompt.

  6. Select the “Create presentation about” option and enter a prompt explaining everything you need in your presentation. The AI will generate multiple slides with different headings, giving you options to choose from.

  7. Similarly, you can generate a new slide with text, images, and elements by selecting the “Create page about” option and entering a prompt.

  8. You can edit, present, or share your PPT directly on Tome. However, Tome does not support exporting in PPT format for further editing on PowerPoint or Google Slides.


  • User interface designed to encourage AI usage in creating presentations
  • 500 credits per month on the free plan
  • Integration with other services like Figma, Airtable, and Twitter
  • Ability to share or present the PPT directly from Tome


  • Cannot export in PPT format
  • Limited number of templates and design elements for PPT creation
  • Exporting as PDF is locked under the Pro version

2. Canva

Canva, originally known as a photo editing app, also offers the ability to create presentations. It is popular for its vast collection of templates and design styles to choose from. Although the AI in Canva is limited to generating images, text, and suggesting templates, it allows you to export the presentation as a PPT. This enables you to continue editing or presenting it on Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides. The free version of Canva provides 50 credits, which can be used to generate 50 images or text prompts. Here's how you can use Canva to create PPT presentations:

  1. Log in to Canva and select the “Presentation” option under the “You might want to try” section.

  2. On the edit page, you can add more slides at the bottom. On the left sidebar, you can add images, graphics, fonts, etc. for visual editing.

  3. To generate images, go to the “Elements” section and find the “AI Image Generator” option. Once generated, you can drag the image from the sidebar to the slide.

  4. To generate text, click on the “Magic Write” icon at the bottom right corner of the presentation. You can give a prompt or ask Canva to summarize, expand, or rewrite existing text.

While Canva's AI capabilities may not be as powerful as Tome's, its extensive library of templates and visual elements, combined with AI tools, make it faster and more efficient for creating PPTs from scratch. To unlock all the AI features and access all templates, a Canva Pro subscription is available for $12.99 per month.


  • Wide range of templates and elements to choose from
  • Supports exporting files in PPT format
  • AI can summarize, expand, or rewrite existing content
  • AI provides recommendations for elements and themes


  • AI options are locked under Canva Pro subscription
  • Generated text and images may not always be suitable and require multiple prompts
  • Collaboration features are limited in the free version

3. Microsoft Copilot and Google's Duet AI

Both Microsoft and Google have their own AI tools, namely Copilot and Duet AI, integrated directly into Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides, respectively. To use these tools, you need to opt-in for Copilot for PowerPoint and Duet AI for Google Slides (currently in beta). Microsoft Copilot requires a Microsoft 365 subscription and an additional Copilot subscription, while Google's Duet AI works without a Workspace subscription. Here's how you can use these tools:

  1. Though they are separate services, their usage and features are similar. While editing, you can access Duet AI or Copilot by clicking on the AI button in the upper right corner of the toolbar.

  2. Using prompts, you can generate themes, paragraphs of text, images, and organize slides.

  3. Apart from generating content, you can ask questions and conduct research on the topic directly within the tool to gather more information.

  4. Compared to other AI PPT editors, Duet AI and Copilot have a better understanding of the context of the PPT. For example, to generate images, you don't necessarily have to provide a detailed prompt. The AI can generate images suitable for the slide based on the existing text and images.


  • Native options integrated directly into Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides
  • Ability to ask questions and conduct research with AI
  • Understands the context of the PPT
  • No additional cost for Google's Duet AI (Microsoft Copilot requires a subscription)


  • Microsoft Copilot is a paid add-on for certain Microsoft 365 plans
  • Users need to explore the features manually as AI capabilities are not fully automated
  • Cannot be used to create an entire PPT with a single command

Irrespective of the AI tool you choose, it is essential to manually verify anything generated by AI. While these tools can significantly speed up the process of creating PPTs, it is crucial to review and make adjustments as necessary. Additionally, check out our brilliant tips for making PowerPoint presentations to enhance your overall presentation skills.