12-Inch Windows 10 Tablet Huawei MateBook In Store In The US

After the international June 4 Huawei Matebook release, the Huawei MateBook has now found its way to US stores too where it will be released in July. It is already listed on Amazon, but neither the Intel Core m3, m5, nor m7 models have been released in the US yet, since the Huawei MateBook release date is July 11.

The Huawei MateBook Signature Edition will also be released from Microsoft Store on July 11, and it's possible to pre-order Huawei MateBook before then.

Huawei MateBook is a 12-inch Windows 10 tablet or Windows 2-in-1 tablet if you will. It was unveiled at MWC in Barcelona on February 21 as a powerful yet light and mobile Windows 10 tablet, and is a direct competitor to the very similar Samsung Galaxy TabPro S – even more so now after the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S sale started last week, which saw a $100 price cut from Samsung.

Huawei MateBook Windows 10 2-in-1
Huawei MateBook Windows 10 2-in-1

And that's with the keyboard included in the price from Samsung. Huawei is selling its beautiful tablet separate from the keyboard, and Huawei has announced that the keyboard will cost $129.

When Huawei MateBook was unveiled in February the MSRP prices were shown for the US, but excluding taxes.

There are 6 different Huawei MateBook specs levels. From having an Intel Core m3 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage, to Intel Core m5 processor, 8GB RAM, and 256GB of storage, to Intel Core m7 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 512GB.

It is equipped with a gorgeous 12-inch screen with a 2160 x 1440 display resolution, a 4430mAh battery with a 9 1/2 hour battery life, an optional MatePen stylus, complete dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi with MIMO, Bluetooth 4.1, a 5MP front camera, USB 3.1 type C, and stereo speakers.

Optional accessories are the keyboard for $129 which is fantastic to write on, the MatePen digitizer for $59 with full 2048 pressure level support, and the MateDock for $89.

Huawei MateBook US Prices

Huawei MateBook

Huawei MateBook US

Huawei MateBook USA

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– Tom Bowen