10 Best Free Notion Templates

Notion, the modular productivity tool, has gained significant popularity in recent times. One of the key features that enhance the Notion experience is the availability of templates. In a previous article, we discussed the best aesthetic Notion templates. Now, let's explore the top ten free Notion templates that can add a touch of creativity to your Notion page.

Best Free Notion Templates

For those looking for the best Notion templates without spending a dime, we have compiled a list of free templates. These templates cater to different needs and can be easily customized to suit your preferences.

1. University Notion Template

Designed specifically for university students, this template helps you stay organized with your college schedules and subjects. You can add all your subjects, teachers, assignments, and even your upcoming syllabus for the semester. The template also features a dedicated calendar for easy reference.

university template

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2. Fundraising Template

If you are running a nonprofit organization or a startup and need to track fundraising campaigns, this template is perfect for you. It utilizes the kanban board in Notion and allows you to add donors, emails, dates, and more. You can also experiment with different board views to visualize your fundraising progress.

fundraising notion template

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3. Airbnb Instructions Sheet

For Airbnb hosts, this template provides a comprehensive guide to create a Notion page with all the necessary information for your guests. You can include general info, rules, facilities, amenities, emergency contacts, applications, nearby services, and even city guide tours. Integrating a city map adds a personal touch to your guests' experience.

airbnb notion template

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4. Work Burnout Detection Template

Maintaining good mental health is essential, especially in the workplace. This template helps you monitor your mood and mental health by providing three status options. You can choose from three heart stickers, specify how you feel, add a message, and track your mental well-being.

mental health notion template

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5. The 5-Minutes Journal

If you want to consolidate your journaling experience in Notion, this template is for you. It allows you to create a digital journal with features like a progress bar, digital clock widget, calendar, and a quick glance at your daily entries.

journal notion template

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6. Blog Post Template

While Notion may not be the ideal platform for creating websites, it can still serve as a convenient tool for drafting blog posts. This template enables you to add a cover image, create your blog post, insert images, and easily copy and paste your content to your preferred hosting platform.

blog post notion template

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7. Finance & Budgeting Template

For those looking to manage their finances effectively, this template provides a comprehensive solution. You can record your expenses, income entries, create multiple accounts and categories, and even get a quick overview of your financial status.

expense tracker notion template

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8. Planner Template

Stay on top of your tasks and manage your daily activities efficiently with this planner template. It allows you to view your tasks for the day, upcoming to-dos, and unfinished tasks. The template also includes a weather widget for added convenience.

planner notion template

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9. Plant Tracker

If you're a plant enthusiast and using Notion, this template is perfect for you. It allows you to track your plant's growth, watering schedule, and other gardening tasks. Whether you're building a garden in your backyard or simply taking care of indoor plants, this template can help you stay organized.

plant tracker notion template

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10. Blog Manager Dashboard

If you run an active blog or website, this template is a must-have. It allows you to manage your blog posts, assets, resources, web bookmarks, and more. Additionally, you can keep track of your social media profiles and set reminders for upcoming tasks.

blog dashboard template

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Wrap Up: Start Your Notion Journey with Free Templates

Despite the availability of various alternatives, Notion continues to dominate the modular productivity market. With the help of these free templates, you can unleash your creativity and make the most of Notion's capabilities. Explore the templates mentioned above and embark on your Notion journey like a pro.