Windows 10 Now Supports Drawing On And Calling Through Your Phone

Microsoft is trying to merge Windows and Android/iOS phone operating systems together in some areas to make Windows 10 more functional and relevant on a daily basis. After all, Microsoft will even launch the foldable Android 11 phone Surface Duo at the end of 2020.

But before then they have announced the latest development of an app that may already be on your Windows computer, which is the free Your Phone app.

With the newest developments, the new Your Phone app now lets Android phone users both make and receive calls from their Windows computer, seen here on the HP Folio, and it lets users even draw on the computer screen of their Windows tablet or other Windows computer with touchscreen, and have the same drawing appear on their phone.
Microsoft Windows Your Phone App
These features comes in addition to the already existing features, such as sending and receiving messages on the computer, or managing notifications on the computer, both of which can be useful for people who work at the reception desk.

I don't think the app is perfect, but considering the importance of this app for Microsoft's future, it's one app that should see several feature updates in 2020.

– Tom Bowen