Wi-Fi 6E USB Stick With Cradle For Tablets And Computers From Netgear Launch In September

Computer accessories manufacturer Neatgear will be launching a solution for people who want to upgrade to fastest Wi-Fi 6E next month, without changing the rest of their tablet or computer.

It's the USB adapter NETGEAR Nighthawk WiFi 6E A8000 that will offer the fastest internet available simply through plugging in a USB stick.

What I like about it is that Netgear isn't purely offering this 3Gbps AXE3000 Wi-Fi 6E upgrade as a USB stick, but one where an additional cradle for the USB stick is provided with it.

Wi-Fi 6E Upgrade For Tablets laptops copmuters

So that gives users two setup options as well as ensuring maximum range and cover while bypassing anything that blocks the upload and download speeds between the router and and the Wi-Fi card.

While you can get Wi-Fi 6 on a few top tablets, Wi-Fi 6E is currently limited to tablets like Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5i and the 11-inch to 14.6-inch trio of Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 tablets.

Wi-Fi 6E USB Stick
– Jim Miller