Why Intel Unison is the Better Option Over Microsoft Phone Link

For a long time, Microsoft Phone Link was the go-to option for connecting and syncing your Android device to your Windows computer. However, Intel has recently launched Unison, a new app that offers similar features and more. So, should you switch from Microsoft Phone Link to Intel Unison? Let’s find out.

Supported Devices

While Microsoft Phone Link works flawlessly with Android devices, its compatibility with iPhones is limited and often buggy. On the other hand, Intel Unison seamlessly pairs both iPhone and Android devices with your Windows computer. So, if you’re an iPhone user, Unison is definitely the better choice.

Installation and Setup

Both Phone Link and Unison have easy installation processes. Simply download the respective apps on your devices, scan a QR code on your Windows computer, grant the necessary permissions, and you’re good to go. The setup process is the same for both apps.


Both Phone Link and Unison require various permissions, such as access to contacts, messages, gallery, and notifications. You can grant these permissions when prompted during the setup process.

User Interface

Phone Link has a sidebar with notifications and toggles to manage your smartphone. Unison, on the other hand, has all the options in a left sidebar, allowing you to easily switch between features. Both apps have their own unique interface designs.

Feature Set

Both Phone Link and Unison allow you to make and receive calls, send and view messages, and access gallery photos. However, Unison goes a step further by displaying video files from your device’s internal storage and allowing easy file transfer with a drag-and-drop interface. Unison also offers more granular controls for message content display and works seamlessly with both Android and iPhone devices.

iPhone Connection

When it comes to connecting iPhones to your Windows computer, Unison outshines Phone Link. Unison offers the same features for iPhone users as it does for Android users, including calls, messages, notifications, and file transfers. This makes Unison the ideal app for Windows users with iPhones.

Microsoft Phone Link vs Intel Unison

In summary, Intel Unison offers more granular controls, file transfer capabilities, and compatibility with both Android and iPhone devices. While Microsoft Phone Link allows you to link multiple smartphones and provides some device information, it lacks file transfer capabilities and doesn’t work well with iPhones. Therefore, if you own an iPhone, Unison is the best choice. And even for Android users, it’s time to make the switch to Intel Unison for a more seamless and comprehensive experience.

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