9 Must-Try Wireshark Alternatives for Android

Wireshark is undoubtedly a powerful packet analyzer, but unfortunately, it’s not available for Android. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t monitor network traffic and capture packets on your Android smartphone. There are several excellent Wireshark alternatives that can fulfill your needs. In this article, we will explore the top 9 alternatives that are worth trying.

1. zAnti (Root)

zAnti is not just a simple network sniffer; it is a complete penetration testing tool for your Android device. With zAnti, you can perform a wide range of tests with just a tap of a button. This includes modifying HTTP requests and responses, exploiting routers, hijacking HTTP sessions, changing MAC addresses, and checking for vulnerabilities in target devices. Additionally, zAnti can help you find security gaps in your network and provide detailed reports on strengthening your network’s defenses.

2. cSploit (Root)

cSploit is a professional penetration testing tool that offers similar features to zAnti. It allows you to collect host system fingerprints, map local networks, perform man-in-the-middle attacks, create TCP and UDP packets, and more. It even has a built-in Metasploit framework RPCd, which allows you to scan for vulnerabilities and create shell consoles on target systems.

3. Packet Capture

Packet Capture is a dedicated app for capturing and recording network packets. It can decrypt SSL communication using man-in-the-middle attacks and run without root permissions by using a local VPN. If you’re looking for a simple and straightforward packet capture app, Packet Capture is a great choice.

4. Debug Proxy

Debug Proxy is another Wireshark alternative that specializes in traffic sniffing. It captures and monitors all your HTTP and HTTPS traffic, decrypts SSL traffic, and offers additional tools for bandwidth throttling, latency testing, web debugging, and network security.

5. WiFinspect (Root)

WiFinspect is a powerful packet capture and network sniffer app. It offers features such as Pcap analysis, host discovery, port scanning, vulnerability scanning, traceroute, and more. Most features in WiFinspect require root permissions, making it suitable for advanced users.

6. tPacketCapture

tPacketCapture is a straightforward app that captures network traffic and saves it in pcap file format. Although it has limitations, such as requiring transfer to a computer for analysis using tools like Wireshark, tPacketCapture is still a useful Wireshark alternative.

7. Nmap

Nmap is a popular open-source network scanning app available for rooted and non-rooted Android devices. While rooted devices offer more functionality, Nmap can still provide valuable insights into your network’s security.

8. Android tcpdump (Root)

Android tcpdump is a command-line tool that captures network traffic. It is perfect for users familiar with command-line tools and tcpdump from the Linux operating system.

9. NetMonster

NetMonster helps analyze nearby networks and cell towers, providing information such as CI, eNB, CID, TAC, PCI, RSSI, RSRP, RSRQ, SNR, CQI, TA, EARFCN, and Band+. It’s a valuable tool for network testing and penetration attacks.

These Wireshark alternatives for Android offer a range of features and functionalities, allowing you to monitor and capture network packets. Whether you’re a professional or simply interested in understanding your network better, these apps are worth exploring.

Note: Please keep in mind that some of these apps may require root access and are not available on the Google Play Store.

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