Toshiba Encore 10 / 10K User Manual And Models Info

Toshiba Encore 10 and Toshiba Encore 10K were announced last Thursday, as the first new Windows 10 tablets from Toshiba. But their names were a little confusing simply because they had been spotted with different names at various certification agencies ahead of the announcement on July 30.

And since we've got hold of the user manual for the Toshiba Encore 10 and Toshiba Encore 10K now, a quick look at the front page shows the many different names that these two tablets and 2-in-1's will sport. The names for the Western markets are:

Toshiba user manual
Front page of user manual

Toshiba Encore LX0-C
Toshiba Encore LX5-C
Toshiba Encore 10 LX0-C
Toshiba Encore 10 LX5-C LX0W-C/LX5W-C/LX0-C/LX5-C
Toshiba Encore 10K LX0W-C
Toshiba Encore 10K LX5W-C

Toshiba Satellite Click LX0W-C
Toshiba Satellite Click LX5W-C
Toshiba Satellite Click10 LX0W-C
Toshiba Satellite Click10 LX5W-C

While in Japan and a few other Asian markets, the names are:
Toshiba Dynabook N40
Toshiba Dynabook NB40
Toshiba Dynabook S60
Toshiba N40
Toshiba NB40
Toshiba S60

So that explains all the model names it was Wi-Fi certified with.

From the user manual we also get to see the battery capacity that the announcement set to 7 hours for the tablet and 11 hours with the keyboard dock. The battery in the tablet is a 2-cell battery at 22.5 Whr, with a 4-cell 22.5 Whr battery pack in the keyboard.

Download the user manual for this tablet from Tabletmonkeys:
Toshiba Satellite Click 10 / Toshiba Encore 10 (PDF, 1.61MB).

These Windows 10 tablets are in presale and will be released in the middle of September says Toshiba.

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– Tom Bowen