The 10 Best Android SSH Clients You Should Try

Secure Shell (SSH) is an encrypted protocol that allows you to securely log into and manage remote servers, devices, and services.

This article covers the key features and use cases of the top 10 SSH client apps for Android.

1. JuiceSSH – Best Overall SSH Client

JuiceSSH - Best Overall SSH Client
JuiceSSH – Best Overall SSH Client

JuiceSSH is the top pick for an Android SSH client. It offers a modern, colorful terminal with support for SSH, Mosh, Telnet, and local Android shell access.

Key features include identity management for saving credentials, running scripts on login, plugins, multiple themes, external keyboard support, and more.

The free version covers the basics, while a paid upgrade unlocks team collaboration, port forwarding, and advanced capabilities.

2. Termius – Most User-Friendly SSH App

Termius stands out for its extremely clean and intuitive interface. It delivers SSH, Telnet, Mosh, SFTP file transfers, and local terminal functionality via a straightforward dashboard.

Automatic OS detection, two-factor authentication, and other security capabilities provide robust protection for servers. Premium features like cloud sync require a subscription.

3. ConnectBot – Fully Open Source SSH Client

As a fully open source SSH and Telnet client, ConnectBot offers unparalleled customizability for power users, including options for compression, fonts, special keys, automation scripts, and public key management.

It supports concurrent sessions for managing multiple servers at once. Lacking ads or fees, ConnectBot suits tech-savvy administration needs.

4. Termux – Feature-Packed Terminal Emulator and SSH Client

Termux transforms your Android device into a powerful Linux environment with terminal emulator and SSH client capabilities.

Its extensive range of packages and command-line tools enables remote server access along with programming, editing, and media file management.

For those comfortable on the Linux command line, Termux is a top choice that requires no root access.

5. MobileSSH – Simple SSH Client Based on PuTTY

As an SSH client modeled after PuTTY, MobileSSH provides a straightforward secure shell solution focused on essential features like session management and RSA key-based authentication.

With its basic interface and undemanding learning curve, it offers new users an easy start before exploring more advanced capabilities.

6. SSHDroid – All-in-One SSH and SFTP Client

SSHDroid combines standard SSH terminal sessions with secure file transfer powers using the built-in SFTP client, catering to remote server access and management along with file operations.

Widgets and other enhancements are available via a professional upgrade.

Reliable functionality and avoidance of excessive complexity make SSHDroid a pragmatic tool.

7. EasySSH – User-Friendly Multi-Connection SSH Client

EasySSH - User-Friendly Multi-Connection SSH Client
EasySSH – User-Friendly Multi-Connection SSH Client

EasySSH excels at handling multiple simultaneous SSH sessions to different servers in tabbed windows, enabling convenient context switching.

Its clean interface, session organization, and ease of use facilitate handling diverse tasks without confusion.

One shortcoming is the lack of tiling or split-screen views for monitoring multiple tabs at once.

8. Kitty – Advanced SSH Client with Auto Reconnect

Kitty is an SSH client built for reliability, leveraging auto-reconnect to resume interrupted SSH sessions without losing work.

By storing credentials securely, it simplifies access to frequently managed servers.

Extensive configuration options suit particular terminal usage preferences when Kitty's defaults are insufficient.

9. Royal TSX – Integrated SSH Via Third-Party Apps

Royal TSX is not a standalone SSH client but rather an integrated remote access manager, utilizing connections from apps like ConnectBot and JuiceSSH.

For those switching between protocols and servers via RDP, VNC, and related tunneling tools, it orchestrates different sessions for fluid consolidated control.

10. SerialBot – SSH Client Optimized for IoT and Hardware Access

Unlike typical secure shell apps, SerialBot focuses its efforts on IoT device deployments.

It caters to interfacing with attached serial hardware like routers, switches, and industrial equipment.

For managing infrastructure at scale, SerialBot delivers specialized capabilities to enhance automation.