Microsoft Surface Mini Confirmed But Still Not Coming, Yet

With today’s release of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, it looks like Microsoft may have unwittingly confirmed the existence of the Microsoft Surface Mini as well.

Because in the user guide for Microsoft Surface Pro 3, the Microsoft Surface Mini is mentioned four times, mainly alongside the instructions for how to use the Surface Pen.

So either quality control at the Surface division is not as it should, or Microsoft is leaking its own tablets while carefully assessing the feedback.

When the Surface Pro 3 was unveiled, it was expected that the Surface Mini would appear alongside it. But we then heard news just a couple of days ahead of the unveiling that the Mini would not be unveiled, and some would even have it that the Surface Mini was killed off in the last minute.

Microsoft Surface Mini

Microsoft Surface Mini notice from the user guide

Maybe it was, or maybe Microsoft is still working on it. There are many plausible explanations going both ways.

What we can assume however is that no matter what stage a Surface Mini is now in, it had or will have Surface Pen digitizer support, which currently Asus VivoTab Note 8 is the only small Windows 8.1 tablet to feature something similar to.

Expect a new Surface event between August and October. Before then, send in your feature wishlist to Microsoft.

– Tom Bowen

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