Teclast Highlights Significant Changes Starting With Teclast Master T10

Teclast had already announced the specs for the Teclast Master T10 ahead of the official unveiling on Friday, August 25th, so we already knew this tablet would have good specs.

But now Teclast is itself highlighting the very significant changes that this tablet has broght with it, signalling how Chinese tablets have quickly overtaken several tablet of the already established global tablet brands.

3 years ago, Chinese tablets had good displays and often offered good value for money, but also had poor battery life, poor cameras, and sometimes poor Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi have improved massively the last year, but now cameras and battery life have started to improve too. And in some tablets the specs and performance has overtaken the established global brands.

Teclast is feeling sure enough of the battery capacity and power management now that they have even released individual promo videos just to highlight this transformation, starting with Teclast T10 which they now call their new flagship Android tablet, with an 8 hour battery life with Quick Charge, and the high resolution 13MP rear camera and 8MP front camera.

– Jim Miller