Tablets in the news this week: March 25 – 31

A lot has happened in the tablet computer world in the 3 years since Apple launched the first iPad and reinvented computing on April 3, 2010. From the time that tablets first became mainstream in 2010-2011, we would regularly read articles about tablets with headlines such as Don’t see the point or What to do with it?, which reflects a time when these devices where not very well integrated in everyday life yet.

All of that has changed by 2013. One of the most popular readings concerning tablet computers this week have been articles precisely emphasising the application of tablets in every sphere of the workplace. ZDNET’s post deserves a read if you are wondering how other businesses are using tablets.

Tablets overtaking PC sales
Another popular headline this week has been one that has been popular for the last 9 months in fact, which is when tablets will outsell traditional PC’s? The Telegraph believes it has the answer already in an article called Tablets to outsell PCs for the first time this year.

Razer Edge release
The worlds most powerful tablet, the gaming tablet Razer Edge Pro with Windows 8 was finally released on March 29.

Razer Edge
Razer Edge

But an immediate concern for those who didn’t see the point in pre-ordering the device, suddenly became the short battery life of less than an hour of power when played hard. Obvious concerns, and it gave the media something to write about. So consequently Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan found it necessary to express on his Facebook page that:
“Much has been said about battery life of the Razer Edge. To put it simply, if you use it for normal Win 8 tablet activities, it’s got pretty much comparable battery life to all the other Win 8 tablets like the Surface Pro out there,” before linking to an article called A comment on PC gaming battery life on Anandtech.

Smaller Windows 8 tablets
There are reinforced rumors about upcoming Windows 8 tablets with smaller screens now that Microsoft have lowered the minimum allowable screen resolution in its hardware certification program for Windows tablets.

Study on tablet computers
BBC also published a study on the use of tablets this week which pretty much confirms what everybody knows by now, such as: “Second screening for news is becoming commonplace, with users often using devices in tandem. 83% of tablet users say they have used their tablets while watching television.”

Yet another Amazon patent
And last but not least, we got another glimpse of another one of Amazon’s patents that may point to the future of tablets and cloud computing, when it was reported that Jeff Bezos and Gregory Hart envision remote processing and wireless power for ereaders and tablets.
Amazon grabbed some similar headlines last year, when it was shown that Bezos had also patented airbag deployment for falling smartphones.

– Tom Bowen