Surface Pro X (2020) SQ2 Model Shows Incremental Boost In Benchmark Performance So Far

The chipset upgraded Microsoft Surface Pro X was released yesterday, two weeks after the Surface Pro X SQ2 unveiling on October 1. And we now have an average of benchmarks for it that gives us the first clues as to what to expect from it.

So far, the differences between the 2019 model with the SQ1 processor and the new 2020 model with the SQ2 processor are showing up as being incremental. At least, that’s what the benchmarks indicates.

Considering the price difference of $1,299 for the SQ1 model with 16GB/256GB, and $1,499 for the similarly spec’d SQ2 model, you would expect more than just incremental differences.

Surface Pro X SQ2 Benchmarks (Geekbench 4)

What we’re seeing is almost at the level of careful overclocking differences. In Geekbench 4 it’s now running a 3.14 GHz as opposed to 2.99 GHz before.

A typical Geekbench 4 maximum used to be up to 3,500 in single-core and 11,500 in multi-core for the SQ1 model, and so far we are only seeing the SQ2 model run as high as 3,661 in single-core and 12,370 in multi-core, but with an average below that.

Surface Pro X SQ2 Benchmark Performance (Geekbench 5)

A similar result can be observed in Geekbench 5, where the SQ1 model would stop at a single-core of just under 770 and multi-core score of just under 3,000. The SQ2 model can reach just over 800 in single-core and up to 3,125 in multi-core scores, so it has been upgraded, just not by much when interpreted by the benchmark scores.

The real test will be after the x86 emulation rollout, and if the new SQ2 chipset will come more into its own after the software side of things have started to shake up things.

– Tom Bowen

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