Samsung Launches External UFS 1.0 Memory Cards

Samsung unveiled the first UFS 1.0 memory cards today, and these next generation memory cards have a whopping 530 MB/s read speed.

Not that Samsungs's storage devices were poor from before, with 95MB/s read speed on their Samsung PRO+ and Samsung EVO+ SD cards and microSD cards, and a 450MB/s write speed on the Samsung T1 portable hard drive.

Samsung's UFS memory cards (Universal Flash Storage) are meant for high-resolution devices such as DSLR's, 4K cameras, drones, etc, that all need or benefit from fast mobile memory cards.

On tablets and phones, the present speeds of SD and microSD cards usually suffice for the tasks most people run on a regular basis, and in the cases where faster read/write speeds are necessary, the latest tiny portable hard drives with high transfer speeds are available. Embedded UFS storage is another matter though.

UFS storage is available as both external memory cards or embedded memory, such as the slightly different UFS 2.0 memory embedded into the Samsung Galaxy S7 phone series, which gives the S7 phones fast storage in both read and write speeds, which benefits the daily operation for users.

Samsung Memory Cards
Samsung Memory Card
– Tom Bowen