Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Integrates With Galaxy Phones

The brand new 12-inch Intel Core M powered Windows 10 tablet Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is integrating tasks with Samsung Galaxy phones that runs Android.

With the new “Samsung Flow” app on Google Play, users can unlock and login to the tablet via the phone, or notifications on the Galaxy phone can be pushed to to the TabPro S tablet. As the app develops in the future, Samsung says it will be possible to both mirror and divide the screen between the tablet and the phone, as well as get more notifications. This app is sometimes refered to as Galaxy Continuity too, but it's called Samsung Flow on Google Play.

The concept is basically just to transfer anything between two devices seamlessly.
Samsung is also promising quick updates to support OS developments.

Samsung Flow App on Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

As of today, the Samsung Flow app is supported by Samsung's Android phones Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge, Galaxy S5, and Galaxy Alpha.

The communication between the tablet and the phone happens automatically, and supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection between the devices.

This is the second time Samsung builds the Samsung Flow app for a tablet. The first time was with the first generation Samsung Galaxy Tab S, but that was already an Android tablet, so the move up to Windows tablet support from an Android phone is a step up. You can see a demo of the original Flow app used on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S below.

The new Samsung Galaxy TabPro S was announced at CES in Las Vegas in the first week of January. It started taking orders last week before the official Samsung Galaxy TabPro S release date on March 18 in the US, though deliveries appears to have started already.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Features
– Jim Miller