Samsung Galaxy Tablet S8 Swivel Strap Cover Launched

Samsung has released their own hand strap case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, and it's available in black or white.

It used to be that we had to resort to third party tablet accessories to obtain hand strap covers for tablets, which is fine, but Samsung doesn't want to miss out on the branding, as the Samsung logo is still visible on the back of the case.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Swivel Strap Cover (EF-GX700) also has three other features. The first one is a continued attachment for the S Pen stylus, which slots into the back of the cover.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet S8 Swivel Strap Cover

The other feature is the choice of straps, where the hand straps are interchangeable, with different patterns depending on what style you feel like going with.

And finally as you will have noticed by the full name, this strap cover also swivels between landscape mode and portrait mode.

Since it's tailor made to fit the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, I don't see any reason why it shouldn't fit the identically sized Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 as well, since other accessories does.

A similar looking colorful strap cover for Samsung's S22 smartphones is also available.

Samsung Tablet Hand Strap Cover
– Jim Miller