Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Kids Edition From AT&T Launch November 4th

AT&T announced today that they will launch the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Kids Edition in the US on November 4th:

The fundamental tablet computer here is the regular 8.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite which is currently on sale for $109 during Halloween.

But the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Kids Edition also has the bumper case, and the Samsung Kids user interface which is even more intuitive for kids than the regular UI, and which provides access to both some additional kids apps and kids content.

It's usually possible to subscribe to content on a month to month basis with children's tablets, so once the kids grow out of it, people can keep the tablet and use it as a normal Tab A7 Lite, while canceling any potential subscription services.

Parental controls are already built into Android, through the Family settings, so that's available to all Android tablet users.

The protective case or bumper case for this tablet comes in a few different versions around the world, so if you've seen this tablet in another country already, be aware that the bumper case for the AT&T version is the one in the image.

– Jim Miller