Profiles on Amazon Prime Video: Everything You Need to Know

Prime Video, like other streaming services, has finally caught up and added profiles. This means you can now set different profiles on your Amazon Prime Video account and unlock a few extra features. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about profiles on Prime Video.

What’s New?

Amazon Prime Video now allows you to create and manage multiple profiles within your account. Each profile will have personalized content recommendations, watch history, and season progress based on individual profile activity. Prime Video supports up to 6 different profiles, with one of them being a Kids’ profile.

How to Create Profiles on Amazon Prime Video

Creating a profile is really easy. If you’re using an Android, iOS, or even a Fire device, simply open the Prime Video app and tap on the My Stuff icon on the bottom right. Tap your profile and select ‘Create profile.’ On the Prime Video website, Android TV, Apple TV, and Fire TV, you can click on the profile, select ‘Add New,’ and continue the process.

creating profile on Prime Video android app

Enter the profile name and enable the Kids’ Profile option if you’re creating it for kids.

Benefits of Profiles on Amazon Prime Video

Having multiple profiles is a no-brainer. Each user can have their own movie recommendations, watch later list, and season progression. In short, you can enjoy the benefits of using multiple accounts with a single account. However, there are some disadvantages. Although you have multiple profiles, you still have a single password for all of them, which means you have to share your Amazon password.

Supported and Unsupported Devices

Here are the devices that support profiles on Amazon Prime Video:

  • Mobile/Tablet (Android and iOS)
  • Web
  • Fire Tablets above Gen 10
  • Apple TV Gen 2 & 3 (you cannot create, edit, or delete profiles from Apple TV but you can switch profiles)
  • Chromecast
  • Fire TV (only available for Indian customers)

And here are the devices that don’t support profiles:

  • Fire TV home screen experience
  • Alexa devices with a screen
  • Fire Tablet Gen 9 tablets and below

As most people spend a lot of time on streaming services, especially during quarantine, it’s a great move from Amazon to offer a feature like profiles on Prime Video. Now you can personalize your viewing experience and enjoy the benefits of having separate profiles for different users. So go ahead, create your profiles, and make the most out of your Amazon Prime Video subscription.

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