Preview Of New ACTUAL Virtual HALO Keyboard From Lenovo Yoga Book 2

Here's a short preview of the new HALO keyboard from Lenovo, that I assume is for the new Lenovo Yoga Book 2. And as we can see by the brief preview, Lenovo is demonstrating an actual virtual HALO keyboard, unlike the semi-virtual keyboard on the original Lenovo Yoga Book that only disappears when it isn't backlit and then functions as a digitizer board instead (which is clever enough in itself though).

Imagine the ways you can customize this keyboard to your own liking. Expect to see this keyboard next Thursday as the IFA trade show in Berlin kicks off.

(UPDATED: Lenovo Yoga Book C930 now unveiled)

The new Lenovo Yoga Book 2 was teased in June, when it was announced that the new Lenovo Yoga Book 2 would be released in the run up to the Xmas holiday, and that the new model would feature improved precision for the keyboard and pen, new features, and that the new Yoga Book 2 would have a much higher performance than its predecessors.

Back in May, Tabletmonkeys discovered that Lenovo had named at least one of these new models the
Lenovo Yoga Book 2 Pro, and that Lenovo had indeed developed a new digitizer/stylus pen for it too, by the names Lenovo Yeti 2.0 Pen, aka Yoga Book Pen 2.

From before, Lenovo have launched a Windows and an Android 10.1-inch Lenovo Yoga Book as well as a larger Android-only 12.2-inch Lenovo Yoga A12 with the old version of the HALO keyboard.

And as we can see by the new virtual HALO keyboard, the first preview is for a new Windows version of the Lenovo Yoga Book 2.

Virtual HALO Keyboard Lenovo Yoga Book 2
– Tom Bowen