Live Photos Of The Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 – Samsung’s Next Tablet In The 8 Inch Category

Samsung's upcoming tablet in the 8-inch range, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 tablet that we've leaked the two last two days, has even had a few of their certification test photos leaked through one of the last FCC filings, where we can catch a glimpse what it looks like.

Photo leaks like these are not supposed to happen, but they do occur from time to time. Although this one set of pictures that leaked were not the detailed pictures that often go with FCC filings.

Instead, these pictures are pictures that were taken to document how the test was set up, which is common for all mobile devices that are approved by the FCC. The only difference is that pictures like these are usually withheld before a tablet has launched.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 - SM-X110
Samsung Galaxy Tab A9

In the pictures we see among other things, that it was tested while both charging and having earbuds connected to the audio jack. The instruments surrounding the tablet will then measure SAR values and wireless radiation to see if they conform to the necessary standards.

All tablets go through the same tests, and they are very specific. For instance, separate tests are ran when it's only connected to the USB charger, and then a new test is ran once the earbuds are connected.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 - SM-X115
Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 – SM-X115

A third test is ran when a microSD card is inserted, and so on, to account for as many variables as possible. We can actually see that in one of the tests, the front camera is engaged, which the represents a fourth scenario here.

When it comes to the actual design of the tablet though, as discussed yesterday, we can see that there are no major design changes. The 3.5mm audio jack and USB-C port are in the same place as before, although there may be change to the actual grille in front of the speaker to the right of the USB port.

So similar to the present Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, we can expect a weight of around 366 grams and a thickness of around 8mm.

Samsung's main rival this time around will be the newly launched Lenovo Tab M9, which is a tiny bit larger 9-inch tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 tablet
Samsung Galaxy Tab A9

– Tom Bowen