One UI 3 For Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 And S7+ Tablets Announced

As the Android 11 update for the flagship tablets Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ rolls out, Samsung used this as an opportunity to make an announcement today of the accompanying One UI 3 update for the two tablets.

The One UI 3.0 features that Samsung highlighted today were things like the text and image copy between a Tab S7 and a Galaxy S21 smartphone, continuation of internet browsing between devices by hitting the ‘Recents' button in the browser, faster auto-synch of Samsung Notes between devices, using your Tab S7 tablet as an additional screen through the Second screen Extend mode feature, or Duplicated mode where you can share open apps or documents to your laptop.

Another feature in One UI 3 is the new Wireless Keyboard Sharing that makes it possible to use the tablet keyboard, including the touchpad with a smartphone, as well as switch easily between using the keyboard with the tablet or the smartphone.

And finally, Galaxy Buds Pro users can also enable the Auto Switch feature that will make it easy to switch between sources as well as having it automatically connect the Galaxy Buds Pro to the smartphone if an incoming call comes while you are using the earbuds with the tablet.

– Tom Bowen