New Year Tablet Deals – Free Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 With Samsung Laptops And Other Deals

The New Year tablet deals are starting to come online, though New Year sales is something that differs more from country to country than some of the other typical tablet deals at this time of the year. Like in the UK, they now have a sale on the Fire tablets and other tablets during the Boxing Day sale, which we don't have in the US.

The most curious tablet deal in the US right now however, consists of a free Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Android 10 tablet for those who purchase a Samsung laptop in Microsoft Store.

That's a good $229 value, so that's interesting to say the least. Especially considering that this 10.4-inch tablet was launch very recently and has been the best selling Android tablet in the world since it was launched.

Free Samsung Galaxy Tab A7
Free Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

A few select Surface Pro 7 deals are also available at the moment, though keep in mind that we expect the successor to be unveiled in January 2021.

Microsoft Store also has sales on tons of Xbox games and PC games around New Years too.

As for Apple, it's primarily their new iPad Air 10.9 that's one sale for $569. Not much of a sale, but every bit helps, and let's not forget that this is a very powerful iPad too.

– Tom Bowen